Political Violence Datasets

Welcome to the Political Violence Datasets. These are a collection of datasets cataloguing incidents of fatal political violence from the eighteenth century to the modern day. These datasets provide social scientists and historians with data on incidents and trends in the use of violence to achieve political ends. The datasets are managed by the DaCura Linked Data Platform developed at the Knowledge and Data Engineering Group at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.

United States 1780-2010

The United States Political Violence (USPV) dataset contains 1828 reports of political violence, referring to 1599 events which occurred in the United States between 1780 and 2010. It is based on a dataset originally constructed by Professor Peter Turchin for his cliodynamics research. Drawn from a variety of sources, including Professor Paul Gilje's research into American riots, as well as newspaper reports, it provides a representative cross-section of political violence in the United States since the early days of the Republic. The data can also be viewed as a heat map, as a timeline, or as a Google Maps overlay.

United Kingdom and Ireland 1785-2007

This dataset is currently under development.

About the project

Further information about the project, including its goals, documentation, and the team involved, can be found here.