About the project

The Political Violence Datasets project aims to provide social scientists with easy access to linked datasets for social scientific research. The goals of the project are:

  • To release the United States Political Violence (USPV) dataset as linked data
  • To create and release the United Kingdom and Ireland Political Violence (UKIPV) dataset
  • To interlink these datasets with other linked data resources
  • To develop new tools for semi-automated data extraction from a historical corpus

Political Violence Vocabulary

The Political Violence Vocabulary was created in order to translate the USPV data into a structured linked data format, as well as to provide a framework for capturing the data for the UKIPV dataset. The data is structured as linked data in a Resource Description Framework (RDF) triplestore. The Political Violence Vocabulary documentation describes the structure of the vocabulary. Publishing Social Sciences Datasets as Linked Data: a Political Violence Case Study describes the process by which the vocabulary was developed.

The DaCura Platform

DaCura is a framework which can support users who are not semantic experts in effectively managing datasets over time. This framework consists of an input control module, a third-party data store, and a set of viewing and publishing interfaces for data set access. In addition, the Political Violence project uses specialised data input tools for researchers consulting a historical corpus. These data input tools are self-generating from the political violence schema, and aim to increase researcher productivity and the accuracy of the event data extracted.

Political Violence Project - Process Chart

About the Team

You can contact the Political Violence Datasets team by email.

Principal Investigator: Professor Declan O'Sullivan, Head of Discipline, Intelligent Systems, KDEG
Researchers: Dr Kevin Feeney, Research Fellow, KDEG; Dr Rob Brennan, Research Fellow, KDEG; Dr Bojan Božić, KDEG; Dr Gavin Mendel-Gleason, KDEG
Research Assistant: Odhran Gavin, KDEG
Intern: Rosa María Jáudenes, KDEG; Francisco Estaun Martinez, KDEG
Data collection volunteers: Gavin Mendel-Gleason, James O'Brien
Advisor: Professor Peter Turchin, University of Connecticut


  • R. Brennan, K. C. Feeney, and O. Gavin, "Publishing Social Sciences Datasets as Linked Data: a Political Violence Case Study", submitted to Exploration, Navigation and Retrieval of Information in Cultural Heritage workshop (ENRICH 2013), Dublin, Ireland, 2013. [PDF, 402kB]
  • W. Tai, K. C. Feeney, R. Brennan, and D. O'Sullivan, "Manageable Dataset Curation for Linked Data", in The 18th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW 2012), Galway, Ireland, 2012.